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PlantarFix Heel Cups

PlantarFix Heel Cups

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  • Do your feet hurt?
  • Do you suffer from heel pain?
  • Do you suffer from heel Spur or plantar fasciitis?
  • Do you suffer from general fatigue in your heel and knees?

PlantarFix Silicon Gel Heel Cups cradle the heel and absorb foot shock, preventing heel pain.

They are made of dual density medical grade gel, the blue area is extra soft providing added cushioning.

Well look no further these were made for you - they are literally shock absorbers for your feet!

They are long lasting heel cups, transferable between shoes and are washable.
These dual density heel cups provide maximum support and shock absorption by using two densities of silicone. The heel cups are non allergenic and dermatologist tested, providing flexibility and comfort.
Heel cups are universally recognized and accepted by the medical community, silicone being considered the traditional high quality material for skin contact due to its proven performance and stability – they will not degrade with use.
Our gel heel cushions help relieve and prevent pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and bruised heels.

PlantarFix Heel Cups – Benefits

  • Helps relieve plantar fasciitis heel pain
  • Provide superior comfort thanks to the unique twin advanced gel formulation
  • Great shock absorption which helps protect sensitive pressure points
  • They cradle and protect your heels and promote stability and proper alignment

What is a heel spur?

Long standing inflammation causes the deposition of calcium at the point where the plantar fascia inserts into the heel. This results in the appearance of a sharp thorn like heel spur on x-ray. The heel pain arises from the inflammation of the plantar fascia.

 heel spur heel cups