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How to Fit and Use Your Orthotic Insoles


Remove the manufacturer’s insoles from your shoe. Don’t throw them away.

Top Tip

You may find that you do not have removable insoles. If so, just find a pair of sports shoes that do and insert these into your shoes to see if they fit. If so, you can use these as your template and move onto Step 2.

Instructions orthotics 


Now place the manufacturers insole over your PlantarFix insole ensuring the heels are flush.

(See position A)

An example of step 2 of fitting a PlantarFix insole



Whilst keeping the heels in position as in postion A, ensure that both the manufacturer’s and your PlantarFix insoles are flush around the ball of the big toe.

(As in position B)


Step 3 of fitting a PlantarFix insole


Using a pen, outline the manufacturers insole onto your PlantarFix insole.


Step 4 of fitting a PlantarFix insole

 plantarfix orthotic insoles


Using a sturdy pair of scissors carefully cut just along the inside edge of the outline otherwise it will be too long.

Top Tip

Before you cut it is worth remembering that there are more tools for cutting than adding so be careful. Measure twice, cut once!


Step 6 of fitting a PlantarFix insole


Now slide your PlantarFix insole back into your shoe.

Top Tip

Ensure that the forefoot of the insole does not turn under itself

 plantar fasciitis insoles instructions


Ensure that the  heel is settled into the heel cup. Use your thumbs to feel that it is ‘bedded in’.

 heel pain insoles instructions


Lace up properly and enjoy!


How to Wear your New Orthotic Insoles

Because of these changes in muscle function and leg position, it is important you break into your orthotics (or heel cups or arch supports) gradually - otherwise you may experience foot, leg, knee or hip pain.

The best types of shoe to break in the orthotic is a comfortable pair of shoes with laces.

You should only wear them for half an hour on the first day, one hour on the second, one and a half hours on the third and so on. After 12 days when you have worn them for 6 hours you may begin wearing your orthotics full time.

You should not wear your orthotics while running or participating in other sports until after the second week and you are finding them comfortable for walking.

After your two week break-in period you should wear your orthotics as much as you can for the next two weeks. If you can, wear them full time. If you must wear smaller dress shoes at work and this pair of orthotics will not fit into dress shoes then wear your orthotics with stable shoes to and from work and wear them after work. During this two week period you should wear your shoes and orthotics from the moment you get up until you go to bed.

It is normal for the orthotics to feel a bit odd at first. However, if at anytime during the break-in period you experience pain that lasts for more than a day in your ankles, knees, hips, or back you should stop wearing the orthotics and consult your doctor. BE PATIENT!