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PlantarFix Arch Support

PlantarFix Arch Support


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PlantarFix Foot Arch Supports are a simple but effective way to relive the pain of plantar fasciitis. Memory-foam pad places targeted pressure on the plantar fascia to provide relief and comfort.

The elasticated strap ensures personalised fit and compression. Soft neoprene blend provides firm, even support and promotes improved healing.

How does they work?

The Plantar Foot Arch Support relieves the pain of plantar fasciitis by providing upward compression to the plantar fascia and consistently supporting the arch of the foot.
The support's neoprene composition provides lightweight compression and a soft, comfortable feel, while the flexible wraparound gives a flexible fit.

PlantarFix Foot Arch Supports – Benefits

  • Elasticated strap ensures personalised fit
  • Promotes plantar fasiitis healing
  • Ensures a full range of movement for work or play
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Suitable for all day use and competition

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