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PlantarFix Orthotic Max Support - Cushioned

PlantarFix Orthotic Max Support - Cushioned


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Are you fed up of those first agonising steps out of bed or after you have been sat down? Do you have painful feet during and after a run or walk?

Our tried and tested gel insoles for plantar fasciitis have been proven to help those suffering from heel pain and plantar fasciitis. As well as giving relief and comfort, they have been designed to correct the cause of the problem by assisting in aligning the feet.

PlantarFix Orthotic Max Support – Cushioned

The PlantarFix Max Support Cushioned orthotic insoles are made from a soft and comfortable EVA rubber material with a soft foam top. It is as comfortable as a gel insole but also assists in supporting the arches of your feet, so stopping them from rolling inwards as you walk or run. This takes the strain away from the plantar fascia helping to cure or prevent plantar fasciitis.

The maximum support offered by these high quality orthotic insoles can provide immediate relief. The super soft EVA reduces shock impact, apportions weight distribution and helps align the foot correctly.

As this type of orthotic insoles provide maximum support, it is especially effective for those with high arches. If you aren’t sure which insoles for plantar fasciitis are right for you, visit our help page here.

PlantarFix Orthotic Max Support Firm – Benefits

  • Soft rubber material with a soft foam covering
  • Best for people with a high arch but also suitable for people with a normal arch who require additional support
  • Perfect for everyday use - lightweight
  • Easy to fit – just trim to size. Click here for instructions
  • As comfortable as a gel insole but with arch support
  • Heel cup for extra stability

What are orthotic insoles and how do they work?

If you are suffering from heel pain or have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, then orthotic insoles can help. Insoles for plantar fasciitis are placed inside the shoes and worn throughout the day. They act not only as shock absorbers to relieve the heel pain, they also structurally support the foot curing or preventing the problem.


Before and after treatment with Orthotic max support

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is more common than you think, affecting approximately 10% of the population. The plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot, from the heel bone to the toes. When this ligament or tissue becomes inflamed it causes heel pain - plantar fasciitis.


an example of where the infection will appear

Misalignment of your feet can cause this problem as can overuse – it is very common among runners and athletes.

Does plantar fasciitis affect everybody?

It can, but in general, it is those who have to spend long periods of time on their feet, athletes or those who are overweight who tend to be prone to plantar fasciitis. But for some individuals, there is no identifiable reason as to why they suffer from heel pain or plantar fasciitis. Orthotic insoles can help alleviate this problem.

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